Most architects seek the inspiration to create beautiful architecture in the wrong place, emulating the historic styles they see in the pages of architectural history books. The greatest buildings in the world, such as Ronchamp, the Guggenheim Museum, Falling Water and Bilbao, are not defined through style. They are a reflection of ourselves and our potential.


Genuine architectural beauty has always been a reflection of our humanity, not of the past. Proportion, scale, texture and form are the building blocks of architectural artistry.


At Allan Shope Architect, our designs are guided by the individual client’s needs and dreams, the building site’s opportunities and challenges, and the following five design principles:

  1. The building should reflect its time and place through the use of local vernacular materials.

  2. The building should be low maintenance for its lifetime.

  3. The building should be environmentally healthy, both for its inhabitants and for the surrounding wildlife.

  4. The building should produce as much energy as it uses.

  5. The building should express the power of architecture to contribute to the daily experience.

Every building we design is the product of a unique collaborative effort between architect and client. We believe that designing and constructing a building should be a fun and uplifting experience, and that every building we create should be a source of happiness and inspiration for its inhabitants, the surrounding community, and future generations.